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Life's Journey Church - Walking with Christ for Life
A message from our Pastor...

Pastor Jeff Garza Whether you have been in church all your life, or this is your first peek into it, I know Life's Journey Church has something for you!  I hope and pray you will take the next BIG step and come visit and let us get to know you and what God is doing in your life, or maybe this will be the place when God begins to change your life.
 After almost 4 years of life, I've seen God do some HUGE things in the lives of people through the ministry of Life's Journey Church.  Our church has been committed to two things from the very beginning: Evangelism and Discipleship.  That's it, nothing more nothing less. 
 If you find yourself wondering about coming to a new church, I would encourage you to contact us through "the connection" page on the right.  I would be glad to come visit and talk about anything God has put on your heart. 
At Life's Journey Church, no one is perfect and everyone is welcome!
-Pastor Jeff Garza